A840 Innovative specifications gallery


Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Classic E-sports Heritage

A840 inherits the excellent characteristics of Dareu mechanics (suspended) and terminator (non-suspended), giving simple classics to professional gaming keyboards. Abandoned the flashy design.


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Adsorption Top Cover

Combined with classic and modern elements, the entire top cover adopts an adsorption design, which is cleverly designed to allow users to change at will during the experience. provided a more convenient cleanning way to your equipment.


High Purity PBT Double Color Closed Keycap

In order to satisfy the user's hand feeling, we use a PBT two-color closed character keycap with a content of up to 95%, and the evenly frosted surface can maintain a stable touch. Simple and closed characters with large backlight visibility at night.

CHERRY MX Mechanical Switch

Equipped with the German original CHERRY MX mechanical switch, each mechanical switch is carefully selected and used. The lamp is fixed on the PCBA circuit board. The power supply is stable and the color is uniform. The ice-blue LED is bright, beautiful and has no light leak.


Using Stabilizer Switch Structure

The large keys in the keyboard are designed with stabilizer switch structure, and the sturdy iron plate is adjusted to make the big keys such as the Space/Shift keys feel smoother (not shaking), and more convenient for users to support their own DIY. (Almost all the stabilizer switch caps on the market can be shared).

  • Interface: USB port Key Layout: standard 3 keypad 104 key
  • Key conflict: full key without conflict
  • LED light: ice blue light
  • Drive: Free drive
  • Key cap material: PBT closed key cap
  • Color: gray black
  • Interface type: Type-C
  • Outlet: three in left, middle and right
  • Mechanical switch: Cherry
  • Other: Adsorption cover
  • 104 keys:450*135*27mm
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later