DK100 Innovative specifications gallery


Entry-level Mechanical Keyboard

Brief but Rather Complicated

The DK100 adopts a simple 87-key and 104-key standard layout. Whether you are at home or office, it can meet your needs. The compact body makes your desktop more clean and tidy.


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Full Mechanical Key Quick response

DK100 adopts Dareu's autonomous mechanical switch, with a key life of up to 50 million times, 2mm keystroke travel, 50g keystroke force, your keyboard is durable, 1000 times / sec return, real-time fast response.


Double Color Injection keycaps With Good Feeling

The DK100 Basic Edition uses a double color injection molded opaque keycap that displays orange character of Dareu, no light, but better than light. It's easy to identify and gives you peace of mind without worrying about characters’falling.

Reliable Quality Assurance

The DK100 uses Dareu's self-contained mechanical switch, and the durable mechanical microswitches allow the keyboard to withstand more intense wear.


87 keys 104 keys

The DK100 adopts the simple standard layout of 87 keys and 104 keys. Whether you are at home for games or at office for work, it can meet your needs. The compact body makes your desktop more clean and tidy.

  • Interface: USB port
  • Key layout: 104 keys or 87 keys Key conflict: full key without conflict
  • LED light: no backlight
  • Drive: Free drive
  • Keycap finished: double color injection
  • Color: black
  • Number of keys: 104 keys or 87 keys
  • 104 keys:440X140X36mm
  • 87 keys:354x128x35mm
  • Windows 7 and late
  • Mac OS 10.11 and late