EK810 108 keys Innovative specifications gallery
EK810 108 keys

EK810 108 keys

Stylish Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Borderless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In the field of mechanical keyboards, Dareu Mechanical Alloy Edition is undoubtedly the best choice for gamers. It has a borderless design and a very classic and simple exterior design. Durable aluminum casing, suspended mechanical keys, 50 million keystroke life cycles, and 108-key version will give you unfettered original power.

EK810 108 keys

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Aluminum Top Cover

EK819 mechanical alloy top covers a whole piece of aluminum alloy panel, stamping-blasting-oxidation-printing, 4 processes to ensure the appearance while improving the texture, after neutral continuous salt spray test, burger test, constant temperature wet test, which ensures that the metal panel does not rust, peel, keep sweat and corrosion resistance. The variety of colors can meet the requirements of more users.

EK810 108 keys
EK810 108 keys

Good Quality Domestic Mechanical Switch

87 mechanical alloy version of the keyboard uses the domestic excellent mechanical switch, smooth and long-lasting button feedback, you can get a smooth double-click or three-click operation. The black switch is suitable for both game and office work, which makes the mechanical keyboard fans love it more.

Personalized Options of 2 Colors Keycaps

108 mechanical alloy version adopts a combination of two colors, through a reasonable mix, showing a different visual effect.

EK810 108 keys
EK810 108 keys

Double Color Injection Keycap

Double color injection-molded light-transmitting keycaps with dense particles on the surface, even and delicate, with a smooth, delicate feel. The biggest advantage of the double color ABS transparent keycap is that the characters are resistant to wear, and the keycaps are not the same as the previous coated keycaps, which will occur light leakage after long-term wear and tear, and the life will be greatly improved.

  • Category: Wired Mechanical Keyboard
  • Interface: USB port
  • LED light: 108 key ice blue light
  • Light mode: variety
  • Keycap finished: ABS double color injection
  • Keyboard layout: 104 keys + multimedia buttons
  • Mechanical switch: black / blue / red / tea switch optional
  • Button life: ≥50 million times
  • Driver: Free drive
  • Dimension :436x128x36mm
  • Weight:855±5g
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.11and later
EK810 108 keys