EM905 Innovative specifications gallery


Symmetrical gaming mouse

Product description

EM905 mouse adopts a more stable game engine, with a mobile speed of up to 60ips and acceleration in 20g. It has excellent and stable performance and is compatible with a variety of mouse pads made of different materials. Through the drive, users can set 10 gears in 250-4000dpi to adjust the speed arbitrarily.


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Golden ratio feel

Products from micro trigger point to arm point. The length ratio from micro trigger point to palm touch point is 0.382:0.618, which is in line with the "golden ratio". It makes the grip of game players more comfortable and labor-saving.


16.8 million RGB streamer surrounded

By default, the scroll wheel and logo lamp can achieve 16.8 million RGB magic color cycle gradient, and the personalized lamp belt design can create a unique overall glare effect. Through the drive, users can also switch between the four modes of constant Light /Breath /Magic color /.

Excellent ergonomics builts omnipotent performance

We analyzed the feedback data of 1 million game players. Adhere to the more widely applicable symmetrical design, and optimize the size and grip according to the operation requirements of the E-Sport, so as to ensure its controllability to the maximum extent. No matter the left/right users, no matter how the grip habits, and any types of the game, EM905 will help you improve the experience in your hands. Everyone can give full play to its personality.


Personality chassis lamp inspired by science fiction

Originated from the future equipment in Hollywood science fiction film and television.The design has a chassis light belt running through the bottom of the mouse, making the whole product full of technology and personality. Combined with a variety of light effect modes, it has both ornamental and playability.

Fast switch DPI in the game and control the rhythm

In order to meet the needs of extreme control, we adopted a unique putter DPI adjustment key, which is convenient and quick to operate. It can be triggered in time in any game environment. The default DPI is in 500 / 1000 / 2000 /3000 / 4000dpi.

  • Optical sensor:A3050
  • Micro switch:20 millions
  • Funtional buttons:6
  • DPI:250-4000dpi
  • Acceleration:20G
  • Reporting rate:125/250/500/1000HZ
  • Driver support: Macro definition
  • Light:6 colors
  • Wire length:1.8m
  • Dimension:125.5x68.6x39.6mm
  • Gross Weight:110±5g
  • Windows 7and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later