EK822 Innovative specifications gallery


Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Programmable Macro

Use EK822's proprietary game software to customize the keyboard; each button can be customized in the program, and powerful operations can execute multiple complex commands and release a series of operations.


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Aluminum Top Cover

EK822 mechanical alloy top cover is made from a whole piece of aluminum alloy panel, stamping-drawing-sand blasting-oxidation-printing, 5 processes to ensure the appearance while improving the texture, after neutral continuous salt spray test, burger test, constant temperature wet test, which ensures that the metal panel does not rust, peel, keep sweat and corrosion resistance. The variety of colors can meet the requirements of more users.


Performance Backlighting

With the blue lighting system, each keycap provides high-precision, clear lighting. Because the individual can choose multiple backlight modes, it can be bright or dark, but it will not cause interference, especially during the playing in late night. Give you precise positioning so you can concentrate on the game.

Full Key Without Conflict Design

The EK822 mechanical keyboard features a full-key non-conflicting design, no matter how many buttons are pressed at the same time, instantly all fo them will be triggered, refuse the trouble of key conflict, feel the pleasure of smooth gaming experience.


Waterproof And Dustproof Mechanical BOX Switch

The EK822 mechanical keyboard is equipped with a mechanical BOX switch, which has a longer button life and a shorter trigger stroke, plus a waterproof and dustproof structure, whether it is office or game, personal or Internet cafes. it can provide a nice experience.

PBT Keycap With Excellent Feel

PBT material keycap are highly praised by game fanciers, which is several times the wear resistance of ordinary ABS. It is still not oily after long-term use, and the appearance is always the same; the excellent double color injection molding process can realize the light-transparent effect of PBT material, which is more delicate and clear, bringing a 24-hour indistinctive experience.

  • Category: Wired Mechanical Keyboard
  • Interface: USB port
  • Supply voltage: +5V+/-0.5V
  • Power consumption: 300mA MAX
  • Keycap finished: PBT + laser carving
  • LED light: 104-key blue light
  • Keyboard layout: 3 keypad
  • Mechanical switch: BOX switch
  • Button life: ≥50 million times
  • Dimension: 468X166X38mm
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later