EK832 Innovative specifications gallery


Optical Switch Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Advanced infrared sensing triggering

The EK832 gaming keyboard uses infrared sensing technology to calibrate the infrared light of the LED light and apply the principle of refraction and reflection of light to confirm the amount of light flux change and then output the waveform as a conductive signal; It is an optoelectronic design with no metal contacts, and its button life can reach hundreds of millions of times.


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A variety of RGB lighting modes can be selected at will

The EK832 mechanical keyboard has RGB lighting system. The default 6 cool lighting modes are optional (balance mode/surf mode/rainbow mode/custom mode/breathing mode/single lighting mode). Your playability is greatly improved.


Full Key Without Conflict Design

The EK832 mechanical keyboard features a full-key non-conflicting design, no matter how many buttons are pressed at the same time, instantly all fo them will be triggered, refuse the trouble of key conflict, feel the pleasure of smooth gaming experience.

Double Color Injection Keycap

Double color injection light-transmisson keycaps with dense particles on the surface, with a smooth and delicate feel. The biggest advantage of the two-color ABS transparent keycap is resistant to wear and the keycaps are not like the coating-type keycaps, light leakage occurred after long-term use, and the life was greatly improved.


The Paragraph Feels, Faster Than Faster

Compared to the traditional mechanical switch, the EK832 optical switch has a light hand feel and paragraph feel of the blue switch. .With non-contact infrared sensing, the trigger speed and response speed are nearly 35% higher than the traditional mechanical axis.

  • Interface: USB ports
  • Supply voltage: 4.25V-5.25V
  • Power consumption: 100mA ≤ 250 mA
  • Key conflict: full key no conflict
  • LED light: RGB
  • Trigger technology: infrared induction
  • Switch: Infrared mechanical switch
  • Keycap finish: two-color injection
  • Keyboard layout: 3 keypad
  • Dimension: 460x184x36mm
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later