EK925 Innovative specifications gallery


Dual Zone RGB Mechanical Gaming keyboard

Updated Beautiful Design Basic on Classic

The EK925 RGB mechanical keyboard continues Dareu's most classical mechanic's frameless design which has better confortable feeling and control by improvments. It is a combination of the power of technological innovation, ruggedness and brilliance. These new designs are created to give gamers a product of fun with innovation.


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Separated Two-zone RGB Lighting System

Using a separated dual-zone RGB lighting system, with a large enveloping light strip of 40 LEDs, it created a smart and dreamy atmosphere. Meanwhile, each button of the keyboard supports 16.8 million color customization and streamer lights, that brings a gorgeous lighting effect. And the entire spectacular dual-zone lighting system requires only 4 button to control, giving you a refreshing and easy-to-use experience.


Simple Structure, Easy to Clean

The alloyed titanium panel of EK925 is a high-quality panel produced by multiple production processes, which not only makes keyboard more durable, but also lightweight; with the floating button design, the dust and debris falling on the keyboard are easier to clean, the cleaning and maintenance of keyboard is easier and faster.

Light-transmisson and Durable Double Color Injection Keycap

The EM925 uses ABS double-color injection-molded light-transfer keycaps with Dareu's exclusive characters. The surface is fine and has a smooth, delicate feel. Not only is the light transmission uniform, but it is more wear-resistant than the traditional laser-engraved characters, and there will be no light leakage outside the characters after being worn out for a long time.


Millisecond Response, Full Key Without Conflict

The EK925 is equipped with a full-key anti-ghost matrix, ensuring that 108 buttons can response even if pressed all of them at the same time, refusing the key conflicts to cause problems for esport games. In addition, the 1000Hz polling rate can achieve a very fast response of 1ms, which guarantees the stable output of high APM players.

Personalized Side Engraved Characters

Abandon the regular character arrangement, engrave the characters on the side of the keycap, the characters do not directly touch the fingers. It is beautifull and personalized, even after a long term use, you do not need to worry abou the wear.

  • Interface: USB port
  • LED light: 6 layers of mixed light effects
  • Light mode: multiple
  • Keycap finished: ABS double-color injection
  • Keyboard layout: 104 keys + multimedia buttons
  • Mechanical switch: black / blue / red / brown switch
  • Button life: ≥ 50 million times
  • Driver: Free drive
  • 443x134x35mm
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later