EM915 KBS Version Innovative specifications gallery
EM915 KBS Version

EM915 KBS Version

Dareu wrangler fifth generation

Inheritance and development

Basing on the eye-catching design and amazing Black technology, the fifth generations of Dareu wrangler have successfully inherited the advantages of the previous generation of products. With the good performance and grip of Dareu's wrangler family, its breakthrough innovation technology KBS has created a new standard. The most advanced KBS key balance system in the industry can trigger the left and right keys without dead angle, and it has become a powerful tool for players and enthusiasts.

EM915 KBS Version

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All round trigger of black technology KBS

On the fifth generation game mouse of Dareu wrangler, we use the KBS left and right buttons of Dareu black technology to trigger without dead angle, which greatly improves the user's experience control. Whether you are grasping or climbing, or big or small hands can start quickly.

EM915 KBS Version
EM915 KBS Version

Unique RGB running lamp effect

The 5th generation of Dareu Wrangler adopts two lighting LED lamp belt throughout the whole mouse, and the RGB running light has an amazing colorful visual effect, which makes the whole mouse full of technology and personality.

Irregular side wings antiskid soft rubber design

The two-color injection soft rubber design is adopted on the both wings of the fifth generation game mouse of Dareu people. The well-designed irregular texture can not only strengthen the friction resistance of fingers, but also prevent the discomfort caused by hand perspiration and feel more comfortable.

EM915 KBS Version
EM915 KBS Version

Humanized light switch button

The 5th generation game mouse of Dareu wrangler has a very cool RGB horse running light-emitting system, which can be turned off/on directly at the bottom of the mouse when you don't need it. The intimate design greatly improves the user's experience.

Durable Click

The 5th generation game mouse of Dareu adopts the optimized 50 million micro switches. The durable micro switches can ensure the long-term use of the mouse without being affected. The black technology KBS key balance system can provide the players with a lasting, fast and consistent click feeling.

EM915 KBS Version
  • Optical sensor:PMW3336
  • Micro switch:Dareu 50 millions
  • Funtion buttons:7
  • DPI:600-10800dpi
  • Tracking speed:150ips
  • Reporting rate:125/250/500/1000Hz
  • Driver support:Macro definition
  • Light:RGB runing lamp
  • Light mode:Multiple
  • Wire length:1.8m
  • Other features:Light switch buttons
  • Dimension:131x72x42mm
  • Gross weight:112±5g
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later
EM915 KBS Version