EM945 Innovative specifications gallery


Advanced game mouse

Product interpretation

EM945 is a new flagship mouse launched by Dareu and a new masterpiece by Dareu wrangler. It integrates the high-performance engine with the excellent feel of ergonomic design. This mouse realizes the sensory optimization and the improvement and perfection of the internal chip. Furthermore, we adds the new OLED display system. The left and right buttons have no dead angle trigger and the left and right micro motion force adjustment system. A New Trinity experience has become a sharp weapon for high-end players and enthusiasts.


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Black technology OLED display — important performance

The combination of technology, humanization and personalization of the equipment is realized. The EM945 is equipped with a customizable OLED display (96x36px). In this way, it can adjust the DPI value, USB transmission rate, etc. quickly and without driving through the combination button (FN + right button switch, FN + roller adjustment), and display on the screen in real time. You can also personalize your game nicknames or upload your favorite icons.


No dead angle trigger for left and right buttons and intelligent button strength adjustment

The left and right buttons can be triggered without dead angle, which greatly improves the user's experience control. According to different users' different requirements for the left and right click strength of the mouse, two independent putters are set at the bottom of the EM945 mouse,through which the left and right fretting strength can be increased or decreased. So that the picky professional game players can match and fit themselves. Feel strength.

Specially designed for video games

EM945 game mouse adopts a large area of soft material, continues the design of Dareu's classic diamond cut-off element. After repeated testing and adjustment of the angle, it brings comfortable and easy grasping, lying and lifting control experience, and meets the use needs of different games.


Competitive high-order performance

With the original pmw3389 optical engine, the refresh rate is 16000dpi with a tracking speed of 440ips and an acceleration of 50g. It can accurately control and quickly lock the target in the game. Match with enough powerful software to customize the space for players.

User friendly changeable side key

EM945 adopts the ergonomic right-hand design, which can customize the layout of multiple physical buttons. The left key can be replaced between 4 and 2 at will. Players can choose whether to keep the classic and reduce mispress or thumb control. With a powerful exclusive driver, you can maximize the value of each key.

  • Optical sensor:PMW3389
  • Micro switch:Dareu 50 millions
  • Funtion buttons:9
  • DPI:600-16000dpi
  • Tracking speed:440ips
  • Reporting rate:125/250/500/1000Hz
  • Acceleration:50G
  • Driver support:Macro definition
  • Light:RGB
  • Wire lenght:1.8m
  • Others:LED adjustable display
  • Dimension:130x64x44mm
  • Gross weight:109±5g
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Mac OS 10.11 or later