Em915 queen version Innovative specifications gallery
Em915 queen version

Em915 queen version

Fashion gaming mouse

Product features

The pink theme design adopts the more favorite color of women. The color and every detail are designed meticulously. It is small and exquisite. The pure pink can stir the girl's heart very well, and its inspiration comes from the gorgeous beauty that the first sunlight in the morning projects on the primordial cherry blossom petals in Kyoto.

Em915 queen version

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Comfort and durability

Based on the classic shape of Dareu wrangler family loved by many professional gamers and tens of millions of users, the improved size and weight are more suitable for small and medium-sized hands. Especially for girls, which not only fits hands, but also feels more comfortable.

Em915 queen version
Em915 queen version

Game level mouse sensor

It adopts Dareu ATG-4090 game engine, with 6000dpi sampling rate, 1000Hz polling rate, 150ips (about 3.8m/s) mobile speed of 20G maximum acceleration. The powerful configuration helps you react instantly, and its excellent and stable performance can meet the use of various players.

Instant switching of DPI and light

You can switch freely in 6 DPI (500 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 6000dpi), and there are 6 corresponding light modes (Red / Blue / Green / yellow / Cyan / Purple). Precise settings can be made between 200 and 6000 DPI by driving.

Em915 queen version
Em915 queen version

Powerful and durable microswitch

Built in long-lasting and durable Dareu exclusive micro switch of 30 million times. After careful debugging, fine selection, to ensure that every click strength is even. Crisp click and rebound can maintain a comfortable feel.

7 independently programmable buttons

All buttons support custom function design, so that hard to reach keys and combination keys are accessible. You can launch attacks more efficiently. In the driver, you can set up your mouse through macro and personalized options to make it your professional game equipment.

Em915 queen version
  • Optical sensor:ATG4090
  • Micro switch:Dareu 30 millions
  • Funtion buttons:7
  • DPI:500-6000dpi
  • Tracking speed:150ips
  • Acceleration:20G
  • Reporting rate:125/250/500/1000Hz
  • Driver support:Macro definition
  • Light:6 colors
  • Light mode:Multiple
  • Wire length:PVC with 1.5m
  • Others:Reset button
  • Dimension:116x64x38mm
  • Gross weight:105±5g
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later
Em915 queen version