EM915R Right hand version Innovative specifications gallery
EM915R Right hand version

EM915R Right hand version

Right hand gaming mouse

Product decription

With the growth of the fourth generation, the Dareu wrangler (EM915) has passed down millions of people and achieved the classic of China. However, evolution never stops! A new generation of ——Wrangler's right hand engineering version EM915R. With a new shape, fit to the palm, self subverting pursuit of grip and control, to create a more comfortable feel, with a new optimized function key, use the scene to switch freely, with a new angle for players to see the overall situation and grasp the future.

EM915R Right hand version

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Pure right hand ergonomic design

According to the feedback of thousands of users of Dareu wrangler mouse and professional team's professional suggestions, a right-hand special mouse developed with Dareu wrangler as the prototype. Optimized mouse grip and brand-new control experience, brings better game experience to users.

EM915R Right hand version
EM915R Right hand version

Better feel surface material design

EM915R uses a unique anti perspiration surface coating button, and the left and right wings of the mouse add two-color anti-skid soft glue, which can make the mouse perform better even in the fierce game.

Customized game engine

EM915R adopts the customized ATG-4090 game engine of Dareu, with a sampling rate of 6000dpi, 150ips (about 3.8m/s). It can bear a moving distance of 3.8m per second, greatly reducing the frame skipping phenomenon under fast movement, which is particularly important in FPS games. It provide fast movement and precise positioning for players, and take the initiative in fierce game confrontation.

EM915R Right hand version
EM915R Right hand version

8 independently programmable keys

All buttons support the design of custom functions. Through the drive, you can easily set the key functions that need to be combined, you can attack quickly in the fierce game.

  • Optical sensor:ATG4090
  • Funtion buttons:8
  • DPI:600-8000dpi
  • Tracking speed:150IPS
  • Acceleration:20G
  • Reporting rate:125/205/500/1000Hz
  • Driver support:Macro definition
  • Light:6 colors
  • Wire length:1.8m
  • Others:Light switch buttons
  • Dimension:128x68.5x41.7mm
  • Gross weight:150±5g
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later
EM915R Right hand version