EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version Innovative specifications gallery
EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version

EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version

Wired and wireless dule mode mose

Product interpretation

It can continuously search and connect high-quality signals to ensure the stability of data transmission. It is equipped with a 2.4G Nano receiver and a USB equivalent to cable 1000Hz/s, which can reach the speed of cable even in wireless state.

EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version

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High level customized game engine for the king

Dareu customized high-level game engine PMW3336, with 10800DPI sampling rate and 8000fps refresh rate, can provide 150ips tracking accuracy and 50G acceleration. It provides more stable and excellent performance than general optical chips, and has enough powerful user-defined space and macro programming ability.

EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version
EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version

Cable competition mode takes charge and RGB light effect into consideration

When users connect the mouse to the computer with the charging line, it will automatically switch to the wired transmission mode, and start the full load performance state to meet the needs of the game, while charging the mouse at the same time. In addition, the logo backlight effect of 16.8 million colors can be defined through the exclusive driver software.

Control sensitivity

Gamers can freely switch 7 gears (600 / 1200 / 2400 / 3600 / 5400 / 7200 / 10800dpi) speed through DPI +/- key, and realize any precise value you want through drive. So as to meet more professional and strict speed control requirements.

EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version
EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version

Durable endurance and battery utilization mode switching

Built in 930mAh lithium battery power, full charge at a time, game mode can be used for about 10 days and 15 days for office mode. Through the combination of right key and wheel key, four groups of modes can be switched: Power saving mode (125Hz) / Office mode (250Hz) / Game mode (500Hz) / Competitive mode (1000Hz). One white flash in first gear, two white flash in second gear, three white flash in third gear and four white flash in fourth gear.

Surface treatment of craftsmanship

The unique black and gold quality is achieved by not less than 10 processes. The black metal paint deposited in the gilding years is sprayed by the artisan with pure manual mod. The combination of automation and pure manual ensures that every EM925 Pro product is considered.

EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version
  • Optical sensor:PMW3336
  • Micro switch:Dareu 30 millions
  • Funtion buttons:7
  • DPI:600-10800dpi
  • Reporting rate:125/250/500/1000Hz
  • IPS:150
  • Acceleration:30G
  • Driver support:Macro definition
  • Light:RGB runing light
  • Bettery capacity:930mAh
  • Charging current:350mAh
  • Power consumption in wired mode:350 mA (Max)
  • Dimension:130x70.5x41mm
  • Gross weight:109±3g
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later
EM925 Pro dual mode RGB version