"Light Years" & "Children's Fun" | Dareu A87 themed mechanical keyboard meets you again
Dareu A87 theme mechanical keyboard."Light Years" & "Children's Fun".Keep the rush of time at your fingertips.Touch the innocent joy of childhood

Dalyou A87 theme mechanical keyboard

"Light Years" & "Children's Fun"

Keep the rush of time at your fingertips

Touch the innocent joy of childhood



On October 21, 2020, DAREU released the "Light Year" & "Children's Fun" themed mechanical keyboard, equipped with standard 104key and lightweight 87key key layout schemes. Continuing the competitive blood of Dahlyou A series mechanical keyboard, it is equipped with CHERRY MX mechanical axis, PBT sublimation keycaps, and full-key millisecond response technology without impact, giving us a brand-new competitive gaming experience with a new visual perception.


Dalyou A series

Theme mechanical keyboard




Dalyou A series theme mechanical keyboard is another brand new masterpiece. The mechanical keyboard with the theme of "Light Years" & "Children's Fun" is made by the Dalyou design team with pure hand-painted themed original paintings. The delicate theme elements and color matching highly restore the artistic conception of "Light Years" and "Children's Interest". The hand-painted style with the theme makes the dynamic and dynamic "light years" and the innocent and lovely "children's fun" fully displayed on the keyboard, giving the Dalyou A series mechanical keyboard a unique aesthetic and sensory experience.


Dalyou A series "Light Year" theme mechanical keyboard




Time passed in a hurry, and the years passed by. Keep the "light years", feel the gift of time, and enjoy the lazy comfort of the sun, the beach, and the waves.

The Dalyou A87 "Light Years" theme mechanical keyboard is a warm yellow and green collocation, highlighting a sense of laziness and comfort, the sun, beach, cactus and coconut embellishment adds a bit of vitality, the whole keyboard is like light years A perfect painting is like telling us that time does not flow away, but is always by our side. We should pass every day into a poem like "light years".


Dalyou A Series "Children's Fun" Theme Edition Mechanical Keyboard




When I was young, the little kitten who was by my side, the paper airplane that ran to the sky from his hand, the windmill that turned in the wind. Every bit is telling the innocent childhood scene, and once again touched the "childhood" of childhood.

The Dalyou A87 "childlike" theme mechanical keyboard adopts the dreamy purple and light blue color scheme, which conveys us a unique style of beauty and healing. The small elements such as kittens, paper airplanes, and windmills under the scene contain all The sustenance of childhood is to leave the moments of childhood in it, let the hands touch the distant childhood, and taste the innocent "childhood".


Inheriting Daeryou A series competitive blood




·German original CHERRY MX mechanical shaft

·PBT sublimation keycap

·Standard 104key/Lightweight 87key

·Multi-mode monochrome backlight

·Replaceable magnetic upper cover

·Plug-in Type-C cable

·Full-key no punch design

·1000Hz/1ms return rate





Dalyou A series

"Light Years" & "Children's Fun" Theme Mechanical Keyboard

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