H101 wireless

Model: DAREU H101 Wireless Gaming Controller
Package size: 191mm*156mm
Product size: 160mm*105mm*62mm
Product weight: ≈220g
Cable length: 1.8M
Compatible: PC, Switch, Android TV & cellphone
Package include: DAREU H101 gaming controller, user manual, Bluetooth receiver, function card
Working current: 30mA-150mA
Battery: 650mAh


Keep Fighting



6-axis controlling, Brings immersive gaming experience by aiming assistance for precisely capturing target, smooth drift, and easy turning.










One-click wakeup Switch device



One-click wakeup function on HOME key allows remote control on the connected devices, no body-move is needed. After initial connect with Switch, click HOME key to easily wake it up.;











Multi-devices compatibility



Multi-devices compatibility (not include APPLE IOS/ Harmony OS/PS /XBOX) . Support PC, Switch, Android TV & cellpone, plug-and-play for easy access to plenty games for full entertainments.










Ergonomic design, fit the hand



Hand-fitting design, every key position has been carefully measured. 



Ergonomic design, accurately grasp the distance between the tiger's mouth and the fingertips. 










Asymmetric dual vibration motors for immersive gaming



Asymmetric vibration motors on left and right side provide layers of shocking feelings based on gaming response differences, bringing immersive feelings in fighting, racing and hitting.










Turbo one-click burst 



Three-speed, impeccable move. 



Press turbo key+action key, setting successfully that the indication flashing. The fisrt operation is semi-automatic mode, the second is automatic mode, the third close the burst mode. 










Asymmetric daul vibration motor restore the real feeling. 



Left and right grips are paired with asymmetric vibration motors, multiple shocks. The vibration intensity is based on the feedback of the games, fighting and racing games, bringing a real sense of strike and vibration. 










Multi-order linear trigger 



The fingertips push the back feeling one-click trigger. 



Wall-mounted structure design, less pressure, faster response. The accelerator of the racing car can be retracted and released freely, and the shootout is one step faster. 










U-shaped cross key



Fighting in clear and unhindered



Recessed cross key, especially in game fighting. The eight direction are precisely triggered, and the rubbing moves are always smooth and free. 







E-sports 360° joystick flexible and free, like snake walk



360° all-round control direction, the key material is TPE, which is skin-friendly and not easy to fall off. 









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