PC gaming accessories

Interface:PC USB port
Layout:104 KEY (US)
Key Cap:ABS Two-colored injection
Switch :Optical Switch
Driver: NO
Key Conflict :N-Key Rollover
LED Light: Rainbow
Weight :1200 g
Size :48*444*129mm
Others:Nano-tech waterproof

Multiple RGB lighting modes available

EK832 RGB mechanical keyboard adopts RGB lighting system, and 6 cool lighting modes are optional by default


N-KEY rollover

Full-key conflict-free design, which responds to triggers instantly and feels the pleasure of smooth gaming.


Optical Switch for waterproof with faster feels

Compared with the traditional mechanical shaft, the optical switch has a lighter hand feel and a sense of paragraph of the green shaft; using non-contact infrared sensor, the trigger speed and response speed are nearly 35% higher than that of the traditional mechanical shaft.


Removable magnetic top cover

Advanced is not only about appearance, but only to bring better visual effects. While bringing perfect visual effects, it can also be easily disassembled, cleaned and replaced.



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