● Working mode: wired USB connection
● Interface type: Type-C
● Key position distribution: 81 keys
● Mechanical axis: Sky switch V3/violet Pro
● Shaft body connection: welding (non plugging)
● Positioning plate: none
● Key cap material: PBT two-color key cap [white]/PC transparent key cap [black]
● LED lamp: white lamp
● Light mode: various
● Size: 328.3 * 149.6 * 43.6mm
● Weight: 850g
● Drive: support

Compact layout 75%

The 81 keys are arranged so that users can free more desktop space while ensuring normal functionality

New gasket designed

The newly designed T-shaped PCB board is combined with the high toughness silicone sleeve to increase the soft contact force and enhance the soft elastic feel.

No locating plate design

The liner is suspended in the middle of the keyboard, which not only makes the sound soft, but also makes the sound concentrated and solid.

N key rollover

N key rollover performance allows for all keys be pressed to response at the same time without conflict, making A81 a reliable helping hand in fierce e-sport.

PCB gold plated satellite shaft

It is equipped with a satellite shaft with higher accuracy and smoothness, and it is fixed with the PCB lock screw to make the large key position as stable as Mount Tai

Built in double fill

The keyboard is made of high tenacity silica gel and embedded with Poron cotton, which can eliminate the internal sound and provide support. The bottom touch is clean and the sound is more concentrated.

Simple and plain style

The redundant design allows users to create DIY keycaps twice for convenience.

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