A98 Wired

Hot-swappable Keyboard

Working mode: wired
Key layout: 98 key (Hotswap switch-blue sky V3)
Statellite shaft structure
Backlight: RGB
Keyboard size: 388 * 139 * 37mm
Keyboard weight: about 1170g (excluding wire)
Other features: compatible with win and MAC function key switching
Macro definition: support

High-tenacity rubber for good noise-cancelling

In-built 3.5mm high-tenacity noise-cancelling rubber, matched with 1.5mm metal plate, effectively cancels out the noises made by knocking on switches and assures consistent using feelings.

RGB backlight

RGB backlight on each button provides high visibility and visual attraction with specially designed lighting color in various modes.

Real Gasket

effective noise-cancelling Hardly cavity in internal keyboard exists with the good fixation catch between upper and lower housing, and fine high-tenacity silicone pad matched in the middle inside; while new soft bouncing PC positioning plate ensures noise-cancelling and good Q bouncing press feeling.

N key rollover

N key rollover performance allows for all keys be pressed to response at the same time without conflict, making A87 a reliable helping hand in fierce e-sport.

Fine-tuned satellite and link

Special keys in keyboard are equipped with newly fine-tuned satellite and link for better feeling , good stability and less knocking noises, which shares most satellite keycaps in market.

High purity PBT double injection keycap

PBT double injection keycap with closed characters brings satisfying visual and tactile feelings with its fine frosted surface.

Hot-swappable switch

Hot-swappable switch Allows to freely change the switch, which shares structure of 99% mechanical switches in market. DIY your own keyboard.

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