Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

Working mode: wired USB / Bluetooth 5.1/2.4G
Working distance: less than 8m
Key layout: 100 key (Hotswap switch)
Battery: 1900mAh lithium battery
Backlight: RGB
Keyboard size: 367 * 120 * 34.5mm
Keyboard weight: about 950g (excluding wire)
Power consumption: wired mode: ≤ 80mA (no luminous state), ≤ 300mA (backlight luminous state)
2.4G mode: ≤ 20mA (no luminous state), ≤ 150mA (backlight luminous state)
Bluetooth mode: ≤ 30mA (no luminous state), ≤ 150mA (backlight luminous state)
Operating system: Bluetooth 5.1 supports systems above win7
Other features: compatible with win and MAC function key switching
Macro definition: support

Bearing TTC mevchanical shaft

The TTC axis is one of the mechanical axis that has a good reputation recently and has been appreciated by many players.

Gold pink switch

Speed silver switch

Bluish white switch


Support hot-swap

Replace the switches as you like, coompatible with 99% of the mechanical shafts on the market.

Customized into a keyboard of your own.


Adjustable magnetic triped design

Adjustable magnetic tripod, after rolating 90 degress, The keyboard can be raised by 3.5mm, the keyboard angle changes accordingly.

More ergonomic, let you take advantage of it.


Long battery life

Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery in the keyboard

With low-power chips and energy-saving technology.


High toughness silencer silicone pad

The 3.5mm thick silicone pad adheres to the iron panel. Effectively reduce the noise caused by hitting the shaft switch to ensure that the keyboard feel more pure and comfortable.


Tri-modes of conncetion

Connect different devices through wired, Bluetooth 5.1 and 2.4G respectively, switch multiple devices with one click.

Adapt to multiple operating systems: Windows/MacOS/iOS/Android.



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