Hotswap Blue Sky V3 Switch

Working mode: wired USB-TypeC/Bluetooth 5.1/2.4G
Working distance: less than 10m
Key layout: 84 key (Hotswap switch-blue sky V3)
Statellite shaft structure
Battery: 4000mAh lithium battery
Backlight: RGB
Keyboard size: 321.5*145.5*42.7 mm
Keyboard weight: about 1500g (excluding wire)
Bluetooth mode: ≤ 30mA (no luminous state), ≤ 150mA (backlight luminous state)
Operating system: Bluetooth 5.1 supports systems above win7
Other features: compatible with win and MAC function key switching
Macro definition: support

Integrated aluminum-alloy

Integrated aluminum-alloy upper and lower housing, going through CNC, anodic oxidation, coating, and polishing, achieves gorgeous surface with good metal quality. Fine sandblasting and contrast design even make it simple but luxury.


Creative stunning sound pickup

LED belt Sound pickup LED system, which allows for LED lighting rhyme sync with external sound through MIC sense, as well as various lighting modes sync with key pressing, creates immersive inspiring resonance on finger play.


Real Gasket

effective noise-cancelling Hardly cavity in internal keyboard exists with the good fixation catch between upper and lower housing, and fine high-tenacity silicone pad matched in the middle inside; while new soft bouncing PC positioning plate ensures noise-cancelling and good Q bouncing press feeling.


3-mode connect

3-mode connect USB wired connect, 2.4G wireless and BT connect are available for different devices and using needs in both Win and Mac system.


4000mAh lithium battery

In-built lithium battery In-built 4000mAh lithium battery allows for continuous one-month playtime with LED off, charge-while-use function is available. (Data for DAREU LAB, based on continuous playtime of 4h/day)


RGB lighting RGB backlight

RGB lighting RGB backlight on each button brings high clarity and gorgeous visual feast. 16.8 colors matched with various lighting modes brings stunning visual effect to meet more needs.


Hot-swappable switch

Hot-swappable switch Allows to freely change the switch, which shares structure of 99% mechanical switches in market. DIY your own keyboard.


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