A98 Tri-mode

Hotswap Switches Gasket

Working mode: wired USB-TypeC/Bluetooth 5.1/2.4G
Working distance: less than 10m
Key layout: 98 key (Hotswap switch-blue sky V3)
Statellite shaft structure
Battery: 4000mAh lithium battery
Backlight: RGB
Keyboard size: 388 * 139 * 37mm
Keyboard weight: about 1170g (excluding wire)
Bluetooth mode: ≤ 30mA (no luminous state), ≤ 150mA (backlight luminous state)
Operating system: Bluetooth 5.1 supports systems above win7
Other features: compatible with win and MAC function key switching
Macro definition: support

Compact layout Saves space

Compact layout design reserves more space and makes your desktop more tidy.


LED display

LED on keyboard to show the power comsumption.It is convenient for you to see the power at any time and avoid unnecessary troubles.


DAREU hotswap switch

The switch with more elastic feel and more brilliance.


Gasket structure

It is fixed by precise upper and lower covers, and the fuselage structure is rigidly fixed without screws. High-toughness silicone filling is added between the keyboard liner and the bottom case.


Excellent Surface Treatment

The keyboard has a built-in high-toughness noise-absorbing silicone pad, a 3.5mm thick silicone pad, and a soft-elastic pc material positioning plate to form a close loop.



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