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Dareu Aqua Switch Keyboard

Interface:PC USB port + TYPE-C
Layout:87 KEY (US)/88key(UK)
Keycap:PBT+Thermal sublimation
Switch :Dareu Aqua Switch
Driver: Yes
Key Conflict :N-Key Rollover
LED Light:White Backlight
Weight:950 g
Cable :TPE Material + 1.8M
Compatibility: Windows 7 or higher,Mac OS 10.11or higher
Others:Adsorption top cover

Magnetic adsorption cover

While bringing perfect visual effects, it can also be easily disassembled, cleaned and replaced.


Durable PBT keycap

Sublimation PBT keycaps have a much higher wear resistance than the ABS keycaps used in the market. It will not produce greasy feeling, and the surface characters are treated by thermal sublimation process, which is beautiful and avoids character wear.


Dareu custom switch

Equipped with Dareu Aqua Switch mechanical switches, each switch has been carefully selected and used, the light tube is fixed on the PCBA circuit board, with a uniquely adjusted ice blue color, bright and beautiful.


Full key support hot swap

It is almost compatible with 99% of the mechanical switches on the market, allowing you to DIY and replace various mechanical switches independently, which is more suitable for your own usage habits. 



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