Optical Switch Keyboard

Interface:PC USB port
Layout:104 KEY (US)
Key Cap:ABS Two-colored injection
Switch :Optical Switch
Driver: NO
Key Conflict :N-Key Rollover
LED Light: RGB
Weight :1285 g
Size :460x184x36mm

Multiple RGB lighting modes available

EK832 RGB mechanical keyboard adopts RGB lighting system, and 6 cool lighting modes are optional by default


N-KEY rollover

The EK832 optical axis machine adopts a full-key conflict-free design, which responds to triggers instantly and feels the pleasure of smooth gaming.


Two-color injection keycap

Two-color injection-molded light-transmitting keycaps, delicate touch, characters are wear-resistant, don't worry about losing characters after long-term use.


The paragraph feels faster than fast

Compared with the traditional mechanical shaft, the EK832 optical axis has a lighter hand feel and a sense of paragraph of the green shaft; using non-contact infrared sensor, the trigger speed and response speed are nearly 35% higher than that of the traditional mechanical shaft.



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