Trip-mode Hotswap Switch Keyboard

Interface:Trip-Mode(BT + 2.4G+Wired )
Key Cap:ABS
Switch :D Hot sawp switches
Driver: Yes
Key Conflict :N-Key Rollover
LED Light:RGB Backlight


Wired / 2.4G/ Bluetooth connect



Keyboard supports three kinds of connect modes: USB wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth, which allows for more devices (notebook, pad, phones) to be connected. Bluetooth supports two channels ( 3.0 & 5.0 )






RGB LED backlight



RGB LED backlight on each button provides high visibility and visual attraction with specially designed lighting color in various modes.






Compact design, powerful function



Compact 71-key layout (approximately equal to 15.6-inch notebook) is equipped with standard keyboard functions, which makes keyboard portable and brings joys of using mechanical keyboard on mobile devices.






N key rollover



N key rollover performance allows for all keys be pressed to response at the same time without conflict, making 61keys a reliable helping hand in fierce e-sport.






Fine-tuned satellite and link



Special keys in keyboard are equipped with newly fine-tuned satellite and link for better feeling , good stability and less knocking noises, which shares most satellite keycaps in market.






Lithium battery for long endurance



1900mAh lithium battery allows for continuous 20days of playtime with LED off, and 4days with LED on, use-while-charging function is available. (Data for DAREU lab, based on 4h playtime per day).






Hot-swappable switch



Hot-swappable switch Allows to freely change the switch, which shares structure of 99% mechanical switches in market. DIY your own keyboard.





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