Tri-mode Wireless Keyboard

Transmission mode: wired/2.4G/Bluetooth
Interface type: TypeC
Number of keys: 82 keys
Mechanical shaft: DAREU mechanical shaft
Key cap material: PBT sugar key cap
LED light: white backlight
Power consumption: ≤ 30mA (no luminous state), ≤ 100mA (backlight luminous state)
Battery capacity: 2000mA lithium battery
Size: 330 * 140.6 * 40mm
Weight: about 760g
Bluetooth name: Dareu Z82

Round sugar cube keycaps, good appearance and easy to use

The new sugar cube keycaps feature a concave finger fit design. The shape is round and plump without sticking out. The touch is delicate, wear-resistant and non-greasy. Clear characters and ergonomic design with 5 different row heights make typing comfortable and enjoyable.

Satisfy the mechanical experience of touch and hearing

The small cube sugar keyboard is equipped with the linear axis sky V3 independently developed by Dareu.The smooth switch body is matched with the noise-absorbing silicone pad, which brings a strong tactile feeling every time you press it.

3 connection modes, a versatile artifact in the scene

2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired USB three different connection modes, allowing you to easily switch devices, cross-platform unlimited creativity, allowing you to freely express your inspiration and talent.

White and clear white backlight

The full keys of the small sugar cube adopt a white backlight system and a variety of lighting modes, which can be accurate even when typing in a dark environment.

Comfortable and compact

The exquisite and compact 82-key layout sugar cube keyboard can free up more space on your desktop; the compact keyboard can also shorten the distance of the mouse for you, reduce hand movement, and keep you in a comfortable and natural posture .

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