Office mouse

Connection Type: wireless with 2.4G and bluetooth
Use Distance : 10M in2.4G and 8M in Bluetooth(No shielding)
Working Power:9mA(MAX) Sensor:PAN3212
DPI: 1600
IPS: 30
Wake-Up Type: Key wake up
Power supply mode: 2 AA batteries
Backlight: No
Button: 4
Weight: 85±5g
Dimension: 56*109*33mm


2.4G and bluetooth dual wireless

UFO flying saucer mouse combines the habits of desktop and notebook use, using a reliable 2.4GHz wireless channel and Bluetooth channel.


Metal surface treatment

The surface adopts the metal anodizing process which is almost the same as that of the MAC notebook computer, with sandblasting process, beautiful and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.


Adjustable mouse sound

The button sound of the mouse can be adjusted by rotating the button under the mouse, mute or crisp. Adapt to different working environments and usage habits.


Longer battery life

Using low power consumption technology and the principle of energy saving, it can be used with one or two AA batteries, and the use time can be as long as 12 months.


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