High-level light wireless gaming mouse

Connection Type: Wireless+2.4G+BT
DPI: 400-19000
IPS: 400
Acceleration: 50G
Backlight: RGB
Button: 6
Weight: 77g
Dimension: 120*64*39mm

Three device connections

Connect different devices through 2.4G and BT5.1, adapt to the multiple operating systems: Windows/macOS/IOS/Adroid. 



The mouse is equipped with a high-performance, low-power PAW3370 optical sensor, which can provide precise tracking of movement at the micron level, and effectively capture the movement of each frame. 


77g Lightweight Design

The 77g lightweight body can provide more flexible movement in the fierce game battlefield and achieve better control, at the same time, it can ensure that the hands are not sore when used for a long time. 


1 millisecond game level wireless transmission technology

The optimized 2.4G wireless transmission technology brings you almost the same status as wired, which can continuously search for and connect to hign-quality signals, ensuring stable and efficient two-way transmission. 


Improve button consistency

KBS3.0 adopts a dual-axis cantilever design, allowing the left and right buttons to be bidrectional and high-efficiency and low-resistance, and 360° angle trigger. 


Charge For 15 minutes 168 Hours of battery life

Subverrting the charging time of the tranditional mouse, the A900 mouse uses fast charging technology, and it can be used continuously for a week after 15 minutes of charging. 


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