Offical Mouse

Basic parameters
Keys: Left, Middle, Right, Forward, Backward
Surface treatment: skin-like
Chip: SPCP190
Micro switch: 3 million times
DPI value: 1000/1600 (default)/3200/6400
Lighting: RGB
Connection line: 1.8 meters line
Connection method: wired USB
Mouse weight: 66±5g
Dimensions: 116*60*35mm





Comfortable control grip



The mouse adopts ergonomic design, comfortable mouse grip and new control experience, bringing users a better gaming experience.






Colorful RGB marquee light effect



The mouse adopts a U-shaped LED light strip around the design, which is equivalent to RGB horse racing, which makes the mouse rich in technology and brings colorful visual effects.







One-click adjustment of multi-segment DPI,free employment



It adopts 4-segment DPI adjustment, which can switch between 1000/1600 (default)/3200/6400 four-segment DPI with one key, whether it is office use or gaming experience.







3 million keystroke life, long-lasting durability



It adopts 3 million times of silent key switch, which is comfortable to handle, durable, sensitive to trigger, strong rebound, and creates a faster response speed..






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