Tri-mode gaming mouse with TFT display

Connection Type: Wireless+2.4G+BT
Micro Switch: 80 million
DPI: 400/800/1600(default)/3200/6400dpi(up to 26000dpi)
Response rate: 125/250/500/1000(default)/2000/4000/8000Hz
IPS: 650
Acceleration: 50G
Backlight: RGB
Button: 8
Weight: 93g
Dimension: 129*73*40mm
Driver: Support

Soft paracord so you barely feel the line

The mouse uses a soft paracord line, which reduces the interference of the mouse moving back and forth during use, and improves the user's experience in operation.

8000KHz rate of return

The mouse provides a return rate of 8000Hz, which increases the transmission rate of the mouse by 8 times, and the transmission speed is increased from 1 millisecond to 0.125 milliseconds, making the mouse movement smoother and more precise. 

KBS second generation button technology

Further optimize the structure of the left and right buttons, built-in POM material rotating shaft device and balance spring, which solves the empty travel of the buttons and realizes the triggering of the left and right buttons in all directions without dead ends.

P3395 High Performance Optical Sensor

Using the P3395 high-performance optical sensor, it can accurately capture the subtle movements of the mouse, and synchronize them to the computer pointer without dropping frames, allowing you to precisely control the game.

Screen display function

The mouse is equipped with a 0.85-inch TFT color display, which can display static pictures, dynamic pictures and other functions, accurately presenting image colors, fine and pleasing picture quality, and clear details at a glance. (You can change the animation in the driver)

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