A950 Pro Magnesium

Ultra-light Magnesium Gaming Mouse

Basic parameters:
Button: 7
Materil: Al-Mg upper case +button
Sensor: PAW3395
MCU: Nordic 52833
Micro switch: Kailh black GM8.0 & 80 million cycles
Wired & 2.4G: 400/800/1600 (default) /3200/6400dpi(max 26000)
BT: 400/800/1600 (default) /3200/6400dpi
Report rate: (Wired /2.4G): 1000/4000Hz (with 4K receiver) & (BT): 135Hz
Battery capacity: 300mAh
Mouse weight: Black -55g
Dimensions: 123*64*39mm
Driver: yes



【55g Lightweight Design】

Efficient mechanical design brings A950pro lightweight on an ergonomic shape (weights only 54g-55g). Good fitting to right hand provides conform even after longtime gaming.

【Al-Mg Alloy 】

As a new type of metal material, Al-Mg alloy gives a feeling of fashion high-tech. A950 Pro Al-mg ver. applies it on buttons and top cover, which not only achieves better hardness but also lighter weight.

【Tri-mode Connection】

Tri-mode connection (USB, 2.4G & Bluetooth) supports wide ranges of mobile devices in both Win/Mac system, switching among different scenarios becomes easy.

【Kailh GM8.0 Black Mamba Switch】

GM 8.0 Black Mamba switch, matched with Al-Mg alloy button, provides clean and crispy clicking feelings.

【300mAh - Quick Charge】

A single 30min charge gives you 90% juice and battery enters Battery Protection mode. Full charge takes 40min. User can also use mouse to play games during charging time without worrying about battery power.(Note: Please use original paracord cable and charge A950 Pro Al-Mg ver. on PC. Not recommended to use plug for charging for better battery protection. )

【P3395 High-performance Optical Sensor】

PAW 3395 gaming sensor provides precise tracking with stable performance, even in full-speed performance it still provides extremely good control.

【Wheel with Oracle Bone Script】

Oracle bone script indicates deep cultural development in ancient China.


【Unique Anti-slip Sticker】

Anti-slip stickers enhances mouse using feelings, users could better enjoy with easy control and good handling.

【Wireless 4000Hz Reporting Rate】

Up to 4000Hz reporting rate brings fast transimission speed at 0.25ms for smooth and precise performance.


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