Wireless Gaming Mouse with Charging Stand

Surface treatment: mimic-skin
MCU: CX52850
Micro Switch: 80 million
Wired/2.4G mode: 400/800/1600(default)/3200/6400dpi
Bluetooth mode: 800/1200/1600 DPI (default)
Report rate: 1000Hz(wired/2.4G); 135Hz(Bluetooth)
Charging time: 2 ~ 2.5h
Working time: approx 47h in 2.4G mode, 117h in BT mode
weight: 93±5g
Other: charging stand with RGB

【Easy for Charging】

Just place it on the charging dock and you'll have your wireless mouse always ready for action.

【KBS 2.0 Button】

DAREU KBS II button, with good mechanical design in POM material to provide consistent good clicking feelings at any clicking points.

【Newly-designed Transparent Bottom】

Newly designed transparent bottom with stunning RGB lighting flowing effects makes mouse fashionable and cool.

【In-built Lithium Battery】

Low consumption and fast transmission allow for approx 12 day of playtime in 2.4G wireless mode and 30 days in bluetooth mode. (Data from DAREU lab, based on continuous 4h of playtime/day).

【AIM-WL Sensor】

DAREU new low-consumption gaming optical sensor AIM-WL 【AIM-WL=AIM wireless low power】provides 1:1 precise tracking with stable performance, even in full-speed performance it consumes only 2.3mA.

【Tri-mode Connection】

Tri-mode connection (USB, 2.4G & Bluetooth) supports wide ranges of mobile devices in both Win/Mac system, switching among different scenarios becomes easy.

【PBT Button Design】

PBT material buttons improves feelings on surface texture and won’t oil up even after long-term use.


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