A960 Gaming mouse Innovative specifications gallery
A960 Gaming mouse

A960 Gaming mouse

Storm gaming mouse

Lightweight mouse

Only 65g, playing games for 24 hours without wrist pain

A960 Gaming mouse

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Lightweight design

Innovative internal skeleton design, well designed 3D shell structure with advanced high-speed molding machine, the machine body without digging holes to achieve 65g lightweight, thin and durable shell,the lightweight body provides more flexible movement in the intense game battlefield.

A960 Gaming mouse
A960 Gaming mouse

Quick dry surface treatment

Multi-layer paint surface composition, the surface adhesion of fine particles, make the surface wear resistance, anti-pressure, at the same time anti-slip anti-sweat to enhance hand adhesion.

Soft braided wire

Soft wire reduces the interference during the mouse moving, and improves the play's operating feel experience.

A960 Gaming mouse
A960 Gaming mouse

Esports high performance

Adopts PMW3389 optical engine to lock the target quickly.Equiped Powerful software to customize the space.

Persistent click sense

Optimized 50 million micro switch, durable micro can ensure long time use without being affected. Lightweight structure shell can provide man-machine integrated control

A960 Gaming mouse
  • Optical sensor:PMW3389
  • Micro switch:50 millions
  • Funtional buttons:6
  • DPI:800-16000dpi
  • Acceleration:50G
  • Polling rate:125/250/500/1000HZ
  • Driver support: Macro definition
  • Light:Black type with RGB
  • Wire length:1.8m
  • Dimension: 121.6x64.7x39.6mm
  • Weight:65±2g
  • Windows 7and later
  • Mac OS 10.11 and later
A960 Gaming mouse