A87 Swallow Innovative specifications gallery
A87 Swallow

A87 Swallow

Theme version mechanical keyboard

Spring is here. Swallows come back and everything comes back to life.
A87 Swallow

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Adsorption top cover

Advanced beyond the appearance, adopt detachable top cover. It is convenient to disassemble cleaning and replacement.

A87 Swallow
A87 Swallow

Thermal sublimation key caps

Thermal sublimation PBT key caps, with wear resistance character and it will not cause greasy hand feeling.

CHERRY MX mechanical shaft

Equipped with Cherry MX mechanical switch. Each one is carefully selected and used to ensure the keyboard quality.

A87 Swallow
A87 Swallow

Art on the keyboard

Lake and mountain scenery theme. We pursue the delicacy of every millimeter. Adhere to the quality of products and do not compromise.

A87 Swallow
  • Interface: PC USB port
  • Key position distribution: Standard 87 key
  • Key conflict: N-keys have no conflict
  • LED light: Ice blue light
  • Driver: Driving-free
  • Key cap material: Thermal sublimation PBT closing key cap
  • Interface Type: Type-c
  • Outlet: three from left to right
  • Mechanical shaft: Cherry shaft
  • Others: Adsorption top cover
  • Dimension: 359*136*28mm
  • Windows 7/Windows 8/Window 10/Mac os 10.11 and later