Best wireless mouse to buy in 2023


Being chained to your desk is no fun. Do you sometimes want to fling your mouse across the room in a rage, but that pesky wire always holds you back? Hasn’t the time come to cut the cord for good? We’ve scoured the options and found the best wireless mouse to buy in 2023 to click, scroll, and zoom to your heart’s content. 
From featherlight to feature-rich, one of these little wonders is sure to scratch your scrolling itch.

Features to have in the best wireless mouse to buy in 2023

Whether you have dainty hands or massive mitts, get a mouse that fits. An ill-fitting device can cause cramping and make it hard to click accurately. In addition, when shopping for a new mouse, keep in mind some other things: 

  • Battery life. If you hate changing batteries often, look for a rechargeable one with a long-lasting battery. Some can go for weeks between charges.
  • Connectivity. The rational choice is a mouse with Bluetooth and USB connectivity to switch between the two for a stable tie-in.
  • Extras. The best wireless mouse to buy in 2023 would have smart buttons for customization and adjustable DPI for precision control. 

Now comes the hard part: choosing between the menagerie of wireless mice. Prepare to enter a world of untethered pointing and clicking delight. 

Best bet – A950 Pro

This is a featherweight force to be reckoned with. At only 55 grams, the A950 Pro is one of the best wireless mice to buy in 2023. But don’t let its airy frame fool you – this one is packed with power:

  • Its high-performance PAW3395 sensor offers multiple DPI levels up to 26,000.
  • It won’t start to drag after a few hours. On a single 40-min charge, the A950 Pro keeps going strong for up to 37 days in BT mode. 
  • It lets you swap between 7 macro buttons – you can remap them to serve as media controls, change DPI, or whatever else your heart desires. 
  • With three connectivity options, the A950 Pro is primed for any situation. 

Runner-up – Z10

Silent but deadly, the tri-mode Z10 is one of the best wireless mice to buy in 2023, as it is full of spunk. It wants to do it all – 2.4G wireless, BT, and wired.

  • Its feet glide noiselessly over any surface while its switches register clicks with ninja-like stealth.
  • At 60 grams, the Z10 won’t weigh down your gameplay. 
  • 5 macro buttons are ready to bind custom commands and keyboard shortcuts to supercharge your game. 

The beautiful one – EM901X

The EM901X is a charming wireless clicker that does the job without frills or fuss. This finalist of the “Best Wireless Mouse to Buy in 2023” contest features: 

  • Its own charging base, and once charged, it lets you play up to 10 days in 2.4G mode. 
  • Its casing and switches allow you to click away 8 hours a day for about 5 years.
  • It looks amazing for pink setups.

Rid yourself of that cord. With the variety of wireless mice sporting different styles and features, you can indeed find one that clicks all your boxes.

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