Best membrane keyboards by overall performance

Here’s a riddle for you: What is unusually silent, squishy like a stress ball, backlit with customizable lighting, and resistant to dirt and water? The only correct computer-level answer is the membrane keyboard!


Unlike their mechanical foe, membrane boards produce no nasty clicking sounds and are smoother, cheaper, and more versatile. Some membrane keyboards are even equipped with LEDs to enable the game of color. They can promptly switch from iOS to Windows and vice versa, which enhances compatibility with all computers and lifestyles.


If you’re a membrane type, don’t look any further. The realm of membrane boards is confusing and intricate, so we have created this short guide to help you choose your dream keyboard by overall performance. All aboard!

Membrane keyboards can do the trick for minimizing tactile feedback when pressing a key

What to look for in the first place?

For starters, you should go with a brand that’s well-known for its membrane keyboards. If you’re comparing options by overall performance, the brand of your choice should have quite a few laudatory testimonials linked to keyboard durability in the long term. Steer clear of anything that implies rickety, flimsy, and subpar-quality stuff.


Then, go over versatility. Because we all use keyboards differently, the best option by overall performance should be a delightful all-rounder for gamers and professionals who often work remotely.


Finally, you can zoom in on the layout, type of keycaps, customization options, and size. From there, you should be able to distinguish great membrane options from those that are only marketed to be so.

The winner – Membrane keyboards by Dareu

The choice is easier to make when you can juxtapose membrane options in an H2H way. Based on overall performance, these keyboards have proven to be the icing on the gaming setup cake:

  • LK135/EK135. This is a wow-looking membrane creation crowned with precisely designed ABS keycaps reminiscent of a colorful cream pie – it packs quite a vivid LED punch with 7 colors. Even though it’s extra-cute, this keyboard keeps its full-size layout out of sight and comes with an ultra-silent anti-fatigue material. The overall performance? It’s rated to be amazing – and for a good reason.
  • LK145/EK145. Treat yourself to a time-tested, elegant membrane keyboard coated with aluminum alloy on the top and lightened with rainbow LEDs. It’s 100% sized, yet it will surprise you with its ergonomic specifications, ideal for small and large computer desks. It’s created to perform with conflict-free keys and is one of Dareu’s most affordable products ever designed.

Each of these membrane keyboards will perfectly fit into any interior while adding a bit of futuristic glare to what your place looks like. So, if you don’t mind your keyboard being your decor enhancement, this is the right choice.

Noiseless perfection as it is

Dareu’s membrane keyboards are brought to perfection by ultra-thin layered and flexible materials. This allows you to rejoice in super-silent performance as you launch your games or 3D design software. Admit it: you don’t want your keyboard taps to be so audible that you can be heard from the other side of your house.

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