Choosing the best keycaps for keyboards to make your setup glow

There’s nothing like the feeling of having a custom-crafted gaming keyboard. Because the only thing better than hitting with speed and precision is doing it in style. To show off your gamer personality with the best keycaps for keyboards, follow the tips below and find the perfect combination to make your keyboard glow.

The best keycaps for your keyboard should be comfortable for you and suit your playing style


Now that your keyboard is taken apart and waiting for aftermarket additions, it pays to know the difference between ABS and PBT keycap types. The choice is easier to make when visualized. To help you, picture this as a car. Without any upgrades, you can still get from A to B. But with some shiny new parts, you can go much faster.

ABS keycaps are like Ford’s Model T. They get the job done and do nothing else. But the PBT ones are Ferrari. That’s because the former is more porous, making them prone to fading over time – something you don’t want for the best keycaps for keyboards.

If your budget is tight and you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of endurance for affordability, settle for ABS. These keycaps are usually cheaper at specialty stores like Dareu.

The best keycaps for your keyboard should be comfortable for you and suit your playing style

Keycap profile

Unless you’re a typography geek, you probably don’t think much about the shape of your keycaps. But it plays a vital role in how your keys feel and perform. The best keycaps for keyboards feature the following profiles:

  • Cherry – The most popular choice that usually comes with a standard set of keycaps. It is slightly lower than the others, features a graceful curved shape to make typing easier, and doesn’t cause much stress on your fingers.
  • OEM – The custom-oriented option that provides room for legends of all sizes. OEM profiles can vary in all features and materials, so you will need to check out each option separately rather than putting all eggs in one basket.
  • DSA – This profile is adorned with shorter keycaps with a uniform height, making them better for typing smaller characters like numbers and symbols. The profile reduces strain on your hands when hitting several keys simultaneously. Plus, these caps offer more intricate designs.

Backlit keycaps for gaming in the dark

How about adding to your setup look with the best keycaps for keyboards? Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Compatibility. Check if backlit keycaps fit your specific keyboard. Most companies specify this on their product pages.
  • Get comfortable. You don’t want stiff and scrunched-up hands after pulling an all-nighter and trying to hit those macros in League of Legends. Your best keycaps for keyboards may be enhanced with backlit features, but they must be ergonomic.
  • The right feel. Do you prefer tactile feedback to audible clicks? Make sure your backlit caps allow for that.

Don’t forget about color when picking the best keycaps for keyboards – these should be just as much of a reflection of your personality as they are comfortable for your eyes during your gameplay. Choose ordinary colors that don’t make you blink in awe, or shake them up with sets with unique patterns.

Happy keycap hunting!

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