Best linear switch and RGB gaming keyboards

Most people love to have their computer setup unique to complement their skills. A keyboard plays a very big role when it comes to personalization, power, and speed. Out of the three mechanical keyboards, linear keyboards are the most preferred. In this article, we will look at the best linear switch and gaming keyboards

Linear switch keyboards

Linear switch keyboards do not produce any clicks or sounds when pressed. They are ideal for people looking for precision and speed, such as gamers. They also feel smooth as they glide down easily because there are no bumps. The key press registers once it bottoms out, making it the most straightforward and fastest type of keyboard. Furthermore, it's the top candidate for people working in an environment where tactile and clicky-sounding switches are a bother.

RGB gaming keyboards

RGB gaming keyboards are LED backlit keyboards that tend to generate custom colors by simultaneously combining red, blue, and green colors to create a million potential hues. The good news is that you can have a linear switch and RGB gaming keyboard all in one. This helps to add aesthetics to the setup.


A87 Tri-mode Linear Switch Keyboard

As the name suggests, the A87 Tri-mode linear switch keyboard features three connectivity modes. You can connect to different devices using the 2.4G, USB, or Bluetooth mode. These three connectivity modes make it possible to connect to Windows, Android, Mac, and IOS. Additionally, the A87 tri-mode linear switch keyboard is visually attractive thanks to its 16.8 million RGB combinations. The best thing about this keyboard is that you can change the switches with 99% of the mechanical switches.

EK832 Optical Switch RGB Keyboard

The EK832 optical switch RGB keyboard is the number 1 gamer favorite. It's 35% faster than other mechanical keyboards thanks to its laser technology and modern mechanical shaft. It also features a high-quality build hence providing high value for its price. Besides, it comes with wear-resistant keycaps, which respond with a delicate touch and transmit two color injection molded light.

A87 Swallow Dareu Aqua Switch Keyboard

If you are looking for an easy-to-clean aesthetic keyboard, try the A87 Swallow Dareu Aqua Switch Keyboard. It provides uniform and beautiful ice-blue LED lighting due to its uniform power supply. In addition, the caps are wear resistance since they are treated following a thermal sublimation process. Also, It is easy to disassemble or replace the keys.

A87 Pro RGB Wireless Keyboard

Wireless gaming keyboards are popular because they help reduce cables running across a setup. The A87 Pro Wireless keyboard allows you to choose between wireless and USB connection. If you prefer the wireless mode, you can connect using a 2.4G or Bluetooth connection. The main advantage of using this keyboard is that it supports multiple devices with Bluetooth connectivity and operating systems such as Windows and macOS.Furthermore, the keycaps are wear resistance since they undergo a thermal sublimation process. The A87 Pro comes with a 4000 mAh lithium battery, lasting up to 30 days with lights and seven days with the light on.

A840 B&G Cherry MX Keyboard

KeyboardS can get dusty easily and become difficult to clean, especially with fixed switches. Luckily the A840 B&G cherry MX keyboard features an upper adsorption cover that can easily be disassembled, cleaned, and fixed back. It comes with uniform LED lighting thanks to the stable power supply from the original German cherry MX mechanical shaft. Lastly, it's compatible with both macOS and Windows systems.

Final Thoughts

Linear switches are the quietest, fast, and one of the best visually appealing keyboards. Depending on your preference, you can get one with LED backlit or RGB light. The best thing about using mechanical keyboards is that you can disassemble, clean, and replace the parts.

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