Silent Gaming Mechanical Keyboards Buying Guide

Mechanical keyboards are best for typing because they have tactile switches but are pretty loud, so not everyone likes them. You should choose a silent keyboard if you are working in an office. We are here to satisfy the user's needs with the best quiet mechanical keyboards on the market.

It may be uncomfortable to work or play in an environment where loud noise is inappropriate, but you still need the tactile feel of a keyboard without the sound. With our buying guide, we will dive into the best mechanical keyboards for work and programming and our 'best list' for office use.

The following are our recommendations for the best quiet keyboards.


A98 Tri-mode

Dareu offers some of the most affordable keyboards, including some quiet ones, despite being a reasonably new brand. In this list, the A98 Tru-mode soft mechanical keyboard holds the first spot due to its affordability, which makes it ideal for budget computer setups.

This product uses a full-sized form factor, despite its affordable price tag. The keyboard is mechanical rather than a proper mechanical keyboard to keep its price low.

Best Features

  • A superb surface treatment
  • A 3.5mm-thick silicone pad.
  • A soft-elastic PC material positioning plate and a high-toughness noise-absorbing silicone pad are built into the keyboard.


A100 Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

Dareu is a brand that needs no introduction regarding computer peripherals. It offers some of the best performing, highly feature-rich keyboards that are also silent. As the best performing option in this listicle, the Rainbow Gaming A100 quiet mechanical keyboard occupies the 2nd spot.

Due to its full-size form factor, it is a high-end mechanical keyboard. Additionally, this mechanical keyboard is designed to provide high typing comfort. This keyboard has a long battery life, one of its best features.

Best Features

  • Long Battery Life
  • Adjustable Magnetic Tripped Design
  • Support Hot Swap
  • Bearing TTC Mechanical Shaft
  • High Toughness Silencer Silicone Pad
  • Compatible with Win and MAC function key switching


A87 Dream Hot Swap Keyboard

We have placed the A87 Dream Hot Swap Keyboard quiet mechanical keyboard in the 3rd position because it is our smallest option, making it ideal for small desks. Because this keyboard uses a 60% smaller form factor, it makes it suitable for small desks. For the given price, it performs pretty well, even though it doesn't use the best switches.

With this keyboard, you still get RGB backlighting, which looks quite impressive despite the price tag. This keyboard also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is not familiar with budget keyboards.

Best Features

  • Durable PBT Keycap
  • Dareu Aqua Switch
  • Exquisite Theme Packing


A87 Childhood Cherry MX Keyboard

Several options are available when it comes to value for money, but the Cherry MX quiet mechanical keyboard from A87 Childhood is one of the better ones because you get a lot for your money. Looking at the form factor, this is a full-size keyboard with all the buttons you would need to function. With A87 Childhood's primary focus being on gaming peripherals, its keyboard also comes with Cherry MX switches, a great addition to its devices.

Best Features

  • Cherry MS Switches
  • Absorption Upper Cover


EK87 Gaming Keyboard

In this list of quiet mechanical keyboards, you can find the EK87 model, a great option for those seeking the best typing experience possible. The keyboard itself has a full-size form factor so that you will have no problem typing on it quickly, and in order to guarantee the same, it also comes with a quiet mechanical switch.

The difference between this keyboard and the quietest mechanical keyboards is the reliable D switch, which provides a powerful typing experience and is almost silent at the same time.

Best Features

  • Adjustable Rainbow Backlit System
  • Compact Frame Design
  • ABS Two Colored Injection Keycap

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