Dual-mode Wireless RGB Mouse

Connection Type: Wired and wireless
DPI: 600-6000
IPS: 100
Acceleration: 20G
Backlight: RGB
Button: 6
Weight: 105g
Dimension: 40*124*67mm

Gaming level tracking performance

Adopt the ATG4090 sensor which is exclusive to Dareu. Gaming level tracking performance and speed, DPI up to 6000, speed up to 150IPS.


Cable competition mode takes charge

Connect to the computer with the type-C charging line. It will automatically switch to the wired transmission mode, start the full load performance state.

Wireless endurance

The power consumption of the mouse in the wireless state is further reduced. When the mouse is full and the lights are turned off, it can be used for about two weeks.

Unique RGB flow effect

In order to improve the visual effect, the mouse chassis light belt is equipped with a unique RGB flow effect to show the state of wireless lighting technology: it can be turned off with one button when not in use, and the operation is simple.


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