Hotswap RGB Keyboard

Working mode: wired USB / Bluetooth 5.1/ 2.4G
Working distance: less than 8m
Key layout: 84 key (Hotswap switch)
Battery: 2000mAh lithium battery
Backlight: RGB
Keyboard size: 367 * 120 * 34.5mm
Keyboard weight: about 910g (excluding wire)
Power consumption: wired mode: ≤ 80mA (no luminous state), ≤ 300mA (backlight luminous state)
2.4G mode: ≤ 20mA (no luminous state), ≤ 150mA (backlight luminous state)
Bluetooth mode: ≤ 30mA (no luminous state), ≤ 150mA (backlight luminous state)
Operating system: Bluetooth 5.1 supports systems above win7
Other features: compatible with win and MAC function key switching
Macro definition: support

Compact layout

Compact layout design reserves more space and make you desktop more tidy. 



Tri-mode connection

The keyboard can use three connection methods: USB wired connection, 2.4G wireless connection and BT. It supports multiple devices. 


Built-in large capacity lithium battery

Long-lasting battery life. 

The keyboard has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, and it can be used while charging. 


Full key support hot-swap

The keyboard supports hot-swap and is compatible with almost 99% of the switches on the market, allowing you to change a variety of mechanical switches at will. Customize it into a mechanical keyboard that belongs to you. 


RGB backlight

The independent RGB backlight LED lamp under each switches has high visibility and visual appeal. Based on about 16.8 million lighting colors, multiple lighting modes can enhance the visual effect of your desktop. 

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